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Feel Bowen have helped people with a range of injuries & health problems. Read what our clients have to say in their testimonials about their experiences of Bowen Therapy and Reiki.

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I visited Helen for Bowen Therapy as I had read that it may help with my shoulder rotator cuff injury. I had previously visited an Osteopath on 3 occasions but did not feel that this was improving matters. The session with Helen was very pleasant and she was thorough and generous with her time. Following the session I made a conscious effort to take it easy apart from regular walking and drinking plenty of water, as instructed. The session had a calming and balancing effect on me and I was craving extra water for about 3 weeks!
The result was very good in that in the months following I have only used pain killers for the shoulder on 1 or 2 occasions. It is vastly improved. Before I visited Helen I was applying topical cream and taking oral pain killers 3 times a day. I have saved a fortune in Voltarol, way more than the price of the session with Helen.
Another benefit was that my legs felt a lot 'looser' and walking was distinctly easier. At age 51 I felt more like 35 again.
I have just made another appointment and am looking forward to further improvements.

Hugh Wilson

I have been seeing Helen for a long time for Bowen Therapy. I am wheelchair bound and can't move around very well. I suffer with lymphoedema in my feet and legs so i see Helen often to help with the fluid build up I get in them. Before I met Helen my feet and legs used to be very swollen and heavy.

I find the bowen treatment very relaxing after I have had it done and my feet don't feel heavy anymore like they used to before i started receiving Bowen.

Mr S.Dickinson
I've tried many different therapies for my Fybromyalgia but Helen's combination of Bowen and Reiki has definitely benefited me most. After just one treatment, my legs felt less painful and after a few treatments the pain in my ankles was completely gone, never to return. I believe the gentle nature of this therapy is ideal for my condition, being key to me maintaining a relatively good level of fitness despite the challenges I face. Helen is very generous with her time, listening carefully to identify the cause of the pain and adapting her treatment accordingly.  I can't recommend Feel Bowen highly enough. 

I highly recommend this treatment and Helen makes you feel very comfortable.

I now make sure I see Helen at least once a month, the treatment helps me feel on top of the world.

Mr D.Collins

Through recommendation from my parents I have received treatment from Helen for nearly 2 years for a neck problem which causes me to have severe headaches. The treatment alleviates the symptoms and allows me to carry on as normal. Both my eldest Son and Husband have been treated by Helen for sudden back problems.

Mrs F Fitzpatrick

After a problem with my shoulder I visited Helen and recieved three treatments of Bowen. Helen gave me great condidence with her professional and knowledgable advice on my whole being and now the problem has gone. The treatment is non intrusive and relaxing. I now plan to return for maintainence.

Mrs K. Smith

Helen and her gentle Bowen treatments have given me such pain relief over a few years. Suffering with a lower back injury and the consequences plus continued arthritis I prefer my treatments than popping pain killers. Thanks Helen.


Mrs D. McKenna


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