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Equine Therapy Tamworth

Treating horses and ponies is exceptionally rewarding. They give unconditional loyalty, they are our best friends and deserve the absolute best of care. They cannot verbally tell us if they're in pain or discomfort, but if you're aware of changes in their behaviour or they're not moving in a fluid or relaxed way  to see an animal therapist, however not at the expense of veterinary care where necessary. From being a young child I always wanted to be 'a healer' and work with horses and The Bowen Technique and Reiki therapy have granted me that wish. Both therapies work the same on animals as they do on humans but the response is often exhibited in a very natural and non conscious way. As the animal responds to the treatment given you may see a lot of yawning, stretching, lying down, scatching, rubbing against a wall, the coat may stand up, falling asleep and so on. 


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