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The Bowen Technique

A Bowen treatment involves several sets of moves, on specific areas of the body (called procedures). After each procedure I give the client a small rest period (approximately 2 minutes) which allows the body and brain to start responding to the treatment. Each treatment is tailored to the clients specific needs, which is always on a holistic level.

What is the bowen technique?If the client is lying down, then they will lie on their front to begin with so work can be done on their back, shoulders, gluteals and legs, and then the client will turn over to have further work done on their knees, neck and head, and if required pelvis, abdominals, hamstrings, shoulder, elbow, ankle, foot, or face. Virtually any symptom can be addressed.

After the treatment, the client will sit up and have a drink of water and we will review together the work done, how the body felt through the muscle tissue, fascia, nerves and lymph and circulation, and what may be needed for the next treatment. I may also suggest simple exercises that can be easily done at home to help the body to rebalance itself or use other techniques to ensure that the client recieves as much benefit from the session as they can.


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