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Reiki therapy in Tamworth

I have been a reiki master practitioner for over two decades and it is the loveliest therapy ever. If you want to feel as if you’re wrapped in a warm healing energetic blanket, then this is for you. Reiki is where the therapist, which is me in this instance, channels a universal energy to you the client. 


“Reiki energy comes from a Higher Power which exists in a higher dimension than that of the physical world, this is accessed from a transcendental part of ourselves that is connected to an infinite supple of healing energy.” (


When I give a reiki treatment, I will have my client nicely snuggled up on my very comfortable therapy couch with cosy blankets and pillows as the client prefers to have them. I will play very calming music and have a scented candle lit. You will usually be lying on your back to begin with and then halfway through your reiki treatment you will turn onto your front. However, some people are unable to lie down and so therefore it is quite easy to adapt the treatment to the requirements the individual. 

During the treatment I will lay my hands on or over the body, due to reiki being a higher energy I am very much guided by what is needed and where on the body to go. The best way I can explain it is that my hands are drawn to the area of need like a north and south magnet being drawn to each other, and if its not the right area to go it’s like a north and north magnet pushing away from each other. I feel varying sensations in my hands depending on what level of healing that area of your body needs such as heat, cold, tingling, freezing and so on. 

You the client may also experience various sensations such as warmth, cold, pressure, weightlessness, a deeper level of relaxation or even sleep. 

One of the most common feedbacks after a reiki healing treatment from clients is an immense sense of relaxation and calm. 


Reiki can be used to help restore healing and realignment to physical imbalances and injuries. Over the years I have treated many people pre and post-surgery. I have treated pregnant ladies, long and short-term injuries and illnesses, people with mental stresses, people who have wanted to embrace spirituality. You don’t have to believe in the concept of reiki to receive reiki and actually the most sceptical people often have the most profound response to reiki healing. 


Distant reiki is great too which is where reiki can be channelled/sent to someone or an animal thousands of miles away. I’ve sent reiki to sports professionals with injuries when they’ve been competing abroad and both them and I were astounded at how effective the reiki was in helping them recover. 


Before the days of being a very busy mother I did a lot of reiki on horses and dogs which was amazing and incredibly rewarding. Animals are the wisest and purest of souls and to help them with their phycological and physical problems with something so gentle and non-intrusive is pure joy. Now my children are older I am once again embracing my horse and dog therapies with both the bowen technique and reiki therapy so if you have a pet in need please get in touch.


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