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Bowen Therapy for Arthritis

Mrs C had had crippling arthritis for over 10 years, whereby she went to bed in agony and woke up unable to move and still in excrutiating pain. She was on a high dose of very strong pain-killers which only took the edge off the pain she was constantly in. She could no longer do any gardening, shopping was a painful chore, all household jobs were exhausting and painful and after a very short while she had to rest, even sitting watching TV was painful.

Mrs C’s daughter had had me treat her dog ‘B’ with The Bowen Technique and she was so amazed at how it had helped ‘B’ (who before was not eating and turned to skin and bone and been exceptionally frail), even I was amazed, that she wanted me to treat Mrs C. Mrs C was not a believer in complimentary therapies and came to see me to make her daughter happy.

After one treatment Mrs C had remarkable improvement, her pain had reduced hugely, her energy levels greatly increased, and best of all taking very few painkillers. Her spine was still like a crooked six pence but now her muscles were relaxed and stronger to support her skeletal frame, which took the pressure off nerve endings and help to keep a much improved circulation. She now comes for sporadic ‘top up’ treatments when the need arises.  

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Bowen Treatments can help ease the symptoms of a number of other conditions such as detox, whiplash, arthritis and many more. If you have a specific treatments in mind then please view our full list of Bowen Treatments offered.

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To book a treatment or enquire about what Feel Bowen can do for you contact me today on 07721 920 372 or fill in the online enquiry form.


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