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General Muscle Stiffness

Mr H had worked for the same company doing warehouse work for 20 years, he’d been fit and healthy during most of that time. Then he was unfortunately made redundant so he changed jobs to another company still doing a relatively physical job but it was a bit different from the one before.

After doing his new job for a few weeks his body became incredibly achy and stiff, and very lethargic. He was a bit depressed because of how he was feeling physically but also very dejected due losing his first job after 20 years of loyal service.

Basically his nervous system had gone from calm restful mode into fight flight mode and therefore working over time. This along with a new physical job had cuaesd his whole physical system to cease up.

After one Bowen treatment he was feeling 90% back to his normal self. 

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To book a treatment or enquire about what Feel Bowen can do for you contact me today on 07721 920 372 or fill in the online enquiry form.


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