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Yamuna Body Rolling in Tamworth

Yamuna Body Rolling is AMAZING. It is extraordinarily effective, and you can get phenomenal results even in your first session. The reason I chose to train in YBR was due to my own personal experience of YBR and how blown away I was about how supple I became just after one session, I had so much more energy and free of aches, pains and stiffness. I am no longer a spring chicken, so when bending down and fastening my shoelaces suddenly became difficult, I panicked, thinking this was the start of my physical decline.  I remembered YBR from many years ago when I used it to help with my competitive horse riding. I did a few sessions and thank goodness my feet no longer felt so far away. During the covid pandemic and lockdown I became quite lazy which exacerbated a long-term back condition I have which resulted in extreme pain. So, with a word to myself about health and wellbeing I restored my YBR regime and in no time at all I was supple and energised once again, feeling like I could keep up with my three children and all of their very physical hobbies (horse riding, mountain biking, snowboarding, sailing, paddle boarding, hiking….. but I did stop at skateboarding)!! 

 Anyone can benefit from it as it is easily adapted for all ages and physical capabilities. 

At the start of your Yamuna session in Tamworth we will discuss any physical problems you have and assess your postural imbalances. During your YBR session you will have areas of your body that will feel tight and possibly painful, these will release, and we will discuss the impact these imbalanced areas have on you and your wellbeing. We will also discuss how your posture has improved after your session and draw your attention to the improvements you have made. The great aspect to YBR is that you can safely take home what you have learnt with me and do it regularly at home. We can also focus on specific areas of concern during your session. 

Yamuna Body Rolling will make you leaner, stronger and longer and achieve a terrific shape, without having to flog yourself at the gym. If pushing your body to the limit with sport and exercise is your thing, then YBR will be the go-to helping to limit injury or recover from injury, increase performance, and maximise on energy levels. YBR is excellent for sports professionals in helping gain strength and flexibility such as golfers, dancers, gymnasts, football, horse riding and so on.

You will become far more informed and body aware, for example which muscles are tighter, how you stand, walk or sit and where you might rotate your pelvis, collapse the arches in your feet or pronate your feet, or tilt your head, and so on, YBR can help to release and realign the lifetime achieved imbalances. 

Yamuna Body Rolling uses small balls of different sizes and firmness. The individual will weight-bear onto the appropriate size ball in key areas of the body to directly stimulate bone and soft tissue, muscles, ligaments and tendons and connective tissue. All areas of the body can be worked on so the whole body can be released and realigned. The increased level of flexibility and energy after a YBR is quite astonishing. 



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