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Plantar Fasciitis Bowen Therapy


As anyone who has suffered from Plantar fasciitis can tell you, its incredibly painful. It is damage to the plantar fascia where it joins to the underside of thw heel bone. It can be caused by numerous things such as poorly fitting shoes, hard repetitive impact to the underside of the heel, foot structure, gait, and so on. 

When people come to me with this condition we look at the whole picture and what might have triggered it. The therpay session will most likely be a combination of treatments i have to offer, obviously Bowen to rebalance the body holistically especially the hamstrings, achilles and plantar fascia, but also to include Yamuna Body Rolling, standing on the Foot Awakeners to break down crytalisation that will have built up around the plantar fascia and also some kinesio taping.   


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