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Migraine Relief

Bowen Therapy for Migraine ReliefFeel Bowen has treated people suffering from migraines that cause discomfort, tenderness and intense pain.

There is no clear cause of migraines but they often affect women, rather than men and it's reported that up to 15% of people suffer with migraines at some points in their life. 

Bowen Therapy - UK Research Trial

According to a UK study conducted over a six week period on the benefits of Bowen Therapy in relation to migaines. An impressive 79.5% of particpiants in the study experienced a decrease in the severity of their migraines . The participants received three Bowen Therapy treatments over a two week period, followed by a 4 week period of observation.

What is Bowen Technique Therapy?

Bowen is a holistic, non invasive and comfortable therapy, which can reduce the severity and frequency of headaches or migraine. The treatment is done primarily using gentle rolling movements over specific points of the neck and spine. Through this method, the body's stress forming actions are shut down and reducing stress and relaxing the muscles in the head and neck, which will lead to the relief of migraine or headache.



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