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Digestive Problems

I have treated a number of people suffering from digestive problems; some of the common digestive problems include bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and heartburn. Digestive problems are often related to lifestyle, the food consumed or stress. Feel Bowen therapy can help tackle the symptoms and help with the management of digestive issues.

This gentle pressure can help to relieve digestive issues by slowly relaxing the body and relieving stress and tension built up in the body. 

Reiki therapy is also good for digestive problems with its innate ability to heal and rebalance. 

And in addition to the use of these two therapies Yamuna Body Rolling can also be very effective. One of the reasons we get digestive issues is because our stomach and colon become very compressed due to poor posture and spending too much of our time sitting and so on. The YBR essentially stretches and elongates the digestive organs which creates space and much improved function including being bloated and indegestion. Alleviating these areas will also help to improve any additiona; back pain.




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